DEARBB Triple Lock Baby Gate for Stairs Doorways and House 31″ to 86″ Extra Wide Pressure Mounted Easy Walk Through Auto Close Safety Pet Gate Black 49.21-67.32″

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About this item [Multiple Placement] Extra Wide Baby Gate Walk Thru Safety Gate stands 29.92 inches tall. It can expand to fit openings between 31 and 86 inches wide. We offer a wide range of sizes for you to choose from. The product contains different size of extension kits, with different combinations, suitable for many scenarios like stairs, doorways and so on. The specific accessories included in each size are shown in the pictures. Please be sure to measure the opening properly before purchase. [Safe Triple Lock] Child Safety Gate Baby Gates have triple safety lock design. At the top of the gate, there are two buttons on the handle and each of them controls one lock. To open the gate, you need to press both buttons simultaneously. Adults can easily open the gate with one hand, while the two-action handle remains tough for babies to release and open. At the bottom of the gate, there is a peanut lock on each side to control the opening direction and locking. [180° Two-way Door] baby gate is equipped with an auto-close function which can automatically close and lock the door, making your baby and pet safer. Dog Gates also includes a Hold Open feature. When the door is opened to 90°, it can stay open for easy access. If the peanut lock on both sides is locked, the door cannot be opened. Unlock one side of the lock, the door can only be opened in one direction. Unlock both sides, the door can swing two ways. [Easy Installation] Pressure mount installation enables easy assembly and disassembly, no tools required, no need for drilling holes, and no damage to the wall of your house. Please note: before installation there will be a gap between the latch and frame. This is NOT a defect. The gap will become narrower after proper installation. Do NOT cut the tie that holds the door to the gate before installation is complete. [Durable Material] Baby gate for stairs is made with a sturdy steel frame and durable ABS plastic inset, it is more sturdy and long-lasting. This safety gate is an excellent way to limit your curious toddlers and energetic pets’ access to some areas of your home that could be dangerous for them. while the simple design of this temporary gate can well match different styles of décor, maintaining a modern appearance of your home.

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31.5 x 29.13 x 2.91 inches

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18.31 pounds





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10 reviews for DEARBB Triple Lock Baby Gate for Stairs Doorways and House 31″ to 86″ Extra Wide Pressure Mounted Easy Walk Through Auto Close Safety Pet Gate Black 49.21-67.32″

  1. Steve green eyes

    Easy sturdy setup. Good handle lock.

  2. Marsha S.

    We actually purchased this as a gate for our 90 pound dog. It’s looks very nice and it attaches very securely to the door frame. It’s comes with several attachments to make it as big as you need.

  3. Debbie N.


  4. kristin

    The gate is very heavy. I was actually quite surprised by the weight when I picked up the box. It’s an amazing quality. It’s easy to attach the extensions to form the wide gate. The pressure mount system is definitely the way to go. It’s so easy and quick to put up and in the space. The gate swings open both ways. Highly recommend!

  5. Kerri-Lyn

    I ordered this gate as we are getting a puppy and wanted something that would separate him from the cat. I was worried about the size of the pet gate as my cat is 15 lbs and a large breed. He had no trouble fitting through the opening with lots of room to spare! The gate is excellent quality and fits amazing! I use the pressure mounts which hold very well and do not leave marks not the drywall. I would definitely recommend this product and would buy again if I needed another gate.

  6. Gail

    I loved that it opens both ways, the extra large cat can fit through the animal gate and a 11mth old, can not. The floor stabilizers are nice, easier on the feet ?. My only complaint is that I wish the wall screws were a little longer. Easy to open with one hand.

  7. SuperE

    We use strategically placed baby gates throughout the house, mostly to separate our dog from areas that she shouldn’t be in. But we also have cats, soft gates don’t allow them to jump over safely and leaving a gap under the gate for them to get under also gives our dog the opportunity to break through. This gate solves those challenges in a very to in stall, high-quality solution. I was actually very surprised to experience how good the quality of this gate is, and even more so at how easy it was to mount using the pressure mount (you can also screw mount it, and hardware is included). This gate does not use springs, and it’s the first time I’ve seen a gate that can be pressure mounted while not having to remove it to open. It’s so convenient and simply works wonderfully. Installation took maybe 10 minutes, and it’s rock solid. The gate itself auto-closes if you haven’t opened it too much. I like this, as sometimes we don’t want it to close all the way, and now we have the option of leaving it open. This gate is childproof in the sense that you have to unlock a small button and lift the gate slightly to open it.The cat door also works great, with 2 out of 4 of our cats getting the hang of it instantly, while the other 2 needed some encouragement before they would walk through it. The cat door can also be locked (but not enough to prevent a curious child from figuring out how to unlock it), and you can even have it open in either direction. The price of this gate, currently at $91, is more than some others, but I think it’s well worth it. My only real complaint is that there was some confusion in the instructions about using double-sided tape on these small “cups” that attach to the wall first, but there was neither the double-sided tape included, nor the need to do this since the parts that push against the wall have a non-slip rubber pad built in. Overall, I’m extremely happy with this gate and can easily recommend it to anyone, especially if they have cats.

  8. Crystal A

    This dog (or baby) gate works quite well for my needs. I have one of the roll up baby gates at the front of my stairwell, however, the new puppy decided he could easily crawl underneath it. So this was the perfect solution.I like that no hardware or drilling are required in the odd stairwell area it is set up in. Simply follow the instructions and tighten the bolts (with plastic covers to protect your walls) until you can no longer tighten them.The bottom of the gate has a plastic cover which is angled at either side, so I can step on the bottom (bar) without hurting my feet.The gate opens and closes by pressing the top button and pulling up slightly. It can stay opened if you open it all the way and you’ll know when it’s set in place (as the door won’t close on you). Otherwise, the gate jut closes behind you.It has kept several puppies and a dog from getting upstairs without me worrying that they are going to break through it.It may be pricier than the typical plastic or roll up styles, but well worth it due to the usage and lack of hardware.

  9. V. Rabbit

    This is the DEARBB Extra Wide Pressure Mounted Baby gate Walk Through Easy Open Auto Close White Metal Child cat Dog and Pets , Indoors Safety GatesThis is an excellent baby gate! I have 2 of these now so my reviews may be similar. Because it is a pressure mount baby gate you do not have to use tools or any permanent screws or mounts to assemble this okay. Therefore not causing any damage or permanent changes to your doorways. It is much easier to get into place if you do not remove the zip ties before you position this. It is very smooth there aren’t any rough or sharp areas that could hurt a small child or an animal. The build quality is very good very sturdy and durable. We got this baby gate to keep our Menagerie from running out the door every time it is open. Everyone seems to want to rush into the storage room for some reason LOL. Anyway the bars are close enough together to prevent the majority of Critters and children from slipping through but far enough apart to not create any sort of hazardous pinching Danger. I’m really impressed with this gate it’s smooth operating easy to open and close and super simple to install. I would definitely recommend one of these For You especially if you have a wider opening you need filled then just a standard doorway. Definitely recommend.

  10. Xal

    This pet/baby gate is seriously worth every penny. I absolutely love that you can choose to get this gate in multiple sizes so you are sure to be able to find one that suits your families needs.Our dog recently got an injury to her leg and we have to keep her from going up or down the basement stairs and our stairs from our main floor to our upstairs as well as out of a couple of areas of the home, so we currently have numerous gates around our home keeping our dog safe.You can use this gate as a tension style gate that can be moved around from place to place or completely mount it to the wall.The gate is easy to set up and move from place to place and the quality is fantastic, well made and will last for years.

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