Nuby My Real Potty Training Toilet with Life-Like Flush Button & Sound for Toddlers & Kids, White

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About this item Realistic training toilet that looks and feels just like an adult version Real life-like toilet flushing sound when you press the flush button The potty seat lid opens and closes and pot is removable for super Easy cleaning. Splash guard for both boys and girls. Integrated splash guard for both boys and girls that stays in place and Anti-skid rubber base to stop the potty chair from sliding Back tank locks in place and fits full sized baby wet wipes. Designed to help little ones transition comfortably to an adult-sized toilet
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‎2 AAA batteries required.



Item Weight

‎3.77 pounds

Installation Type

‎Floor Mounted



Seat Material Type


Product Dimensions

‎18"D x 12"W x 10"H

Item model number



‎Plastic and rubber

Material Type

‎Plastic and rubber

Target gender


Care instructions

‎Remove bowl from base and flush contents. Wipe surface of bowl with damp sponge or cloth and mild soap. Wipe surface again with clean water and towel dry thoroughly. Main toilet base, lid, and seat can be cleaned with a damp sponge cloth and mild liquid soap. To remove lid for cleaning, gently pull hinge outward to unhook from toilet base. DO NOT immerse in water. DO NOT Allow battery or sound unit (located in the toilet tank) to become damp or wet.

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‎White Potty

Batteries required


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10 reviews for Nuby My Real Potty Training Toilet with Life-Like Flush Button & Sound for Toddlers & Kids, White

  1. Erin

    After considering MANY different toddler potties I came across this one and instantly had to have it. It is perfect for ours and our toddlers needs. I love the realistic look of it actually looking like mommy and daddy’s potty because it just made her that much more excited about using it. The other feature that absolutely tickles her and makes her love her potty and want to actually use it is the flushing sound button feature. She’s so happy when she’s done and gets to “flush” the toilet and will not leave the bathroom until she has flushed her potty and shut the lid because she’s doing what she sees us do and it absolutely makes her day. It also has a spot for wipes in the back which is another convenient feature I like about it however I don’t put too many at a time since there’s no way to keep them from drying out if they sit for too long. My MAIN reason for buying this specific potty however was the simple fact that on top of the other great features it actually has a lid! Her old potty I absolutely hated because if I didn’t empty her pee immediately (having other kids I don’t always have the time right away so sometimes she’ll pee a couple times before I get a chance to empty it) it will smell sooo bad that walking into the bathroom would instantly make me nauseated. She prefers to poop on our toilet so that wasn’t the issue but even just one trip to pee and the next time I walked into the bathroom it would be the only thing I smelled. So I decided I needed one with a lid and that was my deal breaker with all the others I considered. So many of them don’t come with a lid! The one and ONLY small complaint I have about this potty and it’s so minor I still would buy this one again would be the fact that the seat piece that comes out to empty the bowl has no spot that makes it easy to grasp. So when going to empty it if you don’t have strong and longer nails to slide up under the edge of the seat it’s almost impossible to get the bowl out to empty it. And the more full the bowl is the heavier it is and harder it makes it to get any kind of grip to get the seat out. That being my only complaint I still would give this five stars but hope that In the future they will make it so there is some sort of groove in the side of the seat to be able to more easily lift the bowl out to empty it.

  2. rebecca culliford

    My 2 year old desperately wanted to be potty trained. However, short legs and short arms meant that there was no way for the 2 year old to do this on their own. So I got this.I’ve had two different ones before for two different children. Both times I wondered why I got it and ended up getting rid of them.I’m 50/50 on this one. My toddler actually shows an interest. Almost too much, in fact. This thing gets hauled all over the house while I’m not looking because there is, apparently, a thrill to screaming, “I GOING POTTY!” from every room in the house. The plus is that it’s light. The con is that if there is anything in the toilet it’s going to be dumped out as soon as this is thrown over a tiny shoulder. Said toddler has mastered door handles and because of other kids needing to use the bathroom I can’t just lock this in there.I’ve tried hiding it in the shower, behind the door, under a towel, but to no avail. As clean as it might be, my toddler can still sniff it out. So the plus is that my toddler loves it. We’ve had some successful “goings” in it, but I think that’s happened more because of the amount of time spent sitting smugly on it while bragging about doing so.The con is that by the time your kids really get the hang of it you might as well just have a seat that goes on the actual toilet. If your kid is interested in being potty trained and you want to take advantage of it, then this one is a plus. I haven’t even tried to put the wipes in the back. That just turns this into an even bigger toy. I haven’t put batteries in it because I don’t want to listen to the sound of a toilet flushing from all over the house.Based on my kids I probably wouldn’t buy it again. But if you’re looking for one then this is a good one. The insert is easy to take out and clean. There aren’t any ridges or anything on it, so it’s easy to wipe down with a Clorox wipe.

  3. Michael Apel

    This is a great teacher for potty training. Our son was not exactly keen on sitting to go potty. This helped him. The button to flush is a neat idea, but its kind of loud. Also, be prepared for them to try flushing 800 times. Recommend you don’t install the batteries. Also, be prepared to have to try to get them to sit to poop. He wanted to sit in the urinal. Finally….the little wheel is a nice bonus to help him aim.

  4. Jessie Leef

    This is the first toddler potty we’ve tried and our son LOVES it! Perfect size for him to sit on easily by himself. Also seems stable when he moves around. So far it has been easy to clean, just pull out the bowl and dump/wipe. The only thing I don’t love is the wipes compartment on the back is a bit too tight to fit a full pack of pampers wipes- but that’s easy, just put a half full pack in.

  5. JusttLaa

    It’s so cute & fun size. My nephew was so excited when he saw it he likes it better than the regular potty he feels like a big boy everytime he use it.

  6. Nightingale

    My 23 month old grandson loves this little potty – he’s fascinated with the flush button. It’s great for getting him interested in what “going potty” is all about.

  7. BearHandz

    Bought 2 for my triplets, they are heavy and gripped enough at the bottom to stay in place on my tile floor. The love to flush it, it’s a little loud but you could put tape over the speaker when you put in the batteries and it would be fine. I’d definitely refer this to someone else.

  8. Arianne

    Good to help little boys learn. The only thing is the flushing sound it makes is very loud and annoying so we ended up just not putting batteries in it.

  9. Janet F.

    Well constructed, easy to clean, and just the right height for little ones.

  10. Carlyee Arndt

    Granddaughter loves it! She will sit on it just to open and shut lid and flush. Next step is to go potty. She is not afraid of it which she is on the adult potty

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