Baby Training Pants Girls’ Washable 5 Pack Kids Potty Nappy Underwear

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100% Cotton Cotton lining Hand Wash Only Size: S Fit for18M,M Fit for 2T,L Fit for 3T,XL Fit for 4T,Easy to pull up and down. Material:100% cotton with absorbent waterproof lining, more comfortable and breathable More Absorbent:extra pad layers inside to absorb the fluid,avoiding leakage, enough to hold any accidents during training , help you a lot from huge mess. Elastic :Stretch waistband and leg hole for greater fit and ease of pulling up and down. Great Transition: Great transitional step from diapers to real pants, easy to wash and easy to take care of during the day time.Durable, washable and reusable,save you tons of money

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Baby like to wear their training pants as if they have grown up like big children.

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Baby training pants are perfect for daytime wearing- Garden, living room, car trip or nap time.

Cartoon Pattern Printed, Make Your Baby More Lovely. Toddler Training Pants Can Hold Small Accidents And Then Need To Wash And They Donot Fade And Shrink After Wash. Cloth Underwear for Toddlers Are Reusable And Save Money And Environmental. Potty Training Pants Is A Transitioning Product For Babies Who Need To Switch From Diapers To Underwear. It Is Very Helpful For You To Start Toilet Training On Your Child.

Baby Girls’ Training Pants Reusable Toilet Training Underwear Nappy Panties

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Comfortable fit:elastic waist,fine stitchesComfortable fit:elastic waist,fine stitches

Baby’s Lovely Cartoon

This training pant with cute animal print,baby likes to wear with it,underwear-like fit makes potty training easily.

More Absortbent

This structure to help hold the pee and absorbent it slowly so you don’t have to worry about the mattress or bedding.

Comfortable Fit

Comfy stretch waistband and leg hole for greater fit and easy to pull up and down.






Girls Toilet Underwear

Baby training pants

Girls training underwear

Boys toilet underpants

Cartoon panties

Girls nappy potty training

Girls Toilet Underwear
Fabric Cotton Cotton Cotton Cotton Cotton Cotton
Size 1T-4T 1T-4T 1T-4T 1T-4T 1T-4T 1T-4T
Package 5 Packs 5 Packs 5 Packs 6 Packs 6 Packs 5 Packs
Elastic √ √ √ √ √ √ √ √ √ √ √ √ √ √ √ √ √ √ √ √ √ √ √ √

  • How do potty training pants work?
  • Training pants absorb pee but cannot make it as dry as diapers do,so your baby may feel the wetness,and in this process your baby learns how to control and hold pee.

  • How do training pants prevent leakage?
  • 360Β° Surround the Side Leakage. The elastic side fits the curve of baby’s legs perfectly, making the baby move freely. TPU inner layer helps to hold small accidents and prevent leakage, giving you enough time to change them.

  • What’s the benefit of wearing training pants?
  • Training pants are a transitional product for baby who switch from diapers to underwear. Very helpful for you to begin toilet training to your child.

  • Could potty training underwear be used at night?
  • Yes,they can be used at night but it’s perfect for baby to wear training pants during day and use diapers during night. Because training pants are designed in this way to do potty training. Please use diapers at night.

  • Why is the label on the outside?
  • The label on the outside is that baby have delicate skin and labels can harm babies. It is recommended to remove it off after receive.

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June 9, 2015

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10 reviews for Baby Training Pants Girls’ Washable 5 Pack Kids Potty Nappy Underwear

  1. Terri Zubia

    The panties are so cute. I recommend these.

  2. Erii82

    I love these training panties!!! I have tried these and 2 other brands/types of training panties and I have had the best luck potty training with these. So much so I have ordered 4 packs total over a period of a year. They have a terry cloth lining that catches a lot of my child’s pee when she has an accident. They are perfect and don’t hold all the pee but hold enough to make her feel very wet and uncomfortable. She tells me when she has an accident in them unlike other brands of panties. I do still have small puddles to clean up when she does have an accident. They aren’t magic! But they are pretty good! She loves the cute animals/objects on the rump… So much so she is able to ask for a specific pair and be excited that she picked out her panties! As for sizing… I think they run a little big. My daughter is 2.5 yrs old, weighs 27lbs 14 oz and is 34 inches tall. She normally wears 2t clothing but the medium panties seem too big for her. The size small panties fit her better.

  3. Liset Franco

    Definitely holds more pee but if too much pee it will leak which is not a big deal because that’s the whole purpose for potty training! Fit good and made my toddler want to wear undies because of the characters!

  4. Michelle knight

    Liked the fit , they do not dig in at the leg area . These are perfect for potty training

  5. Gypsy Rose

    I expected these to have water-resistant outer covers but they don’t. It’s ok because you know right away when your child has an accident. So it’s more work but I think catching them in the act is he key to effective potty training.These have a terry cloth inner lining and thick cotton knit outer. They catch most of the urine in a single accident so not too much gots out to make a mess. You’ll need quite a few pairs and the washing machine serving almost like a diaper pail- just throw them in as needed and turn it on at the end of the day. This is my method and all my kids were potty trained young. I don’t believe in pull-ups because it feels just like a diaper so they don’t mind peeing in them and you don’t know right away when they have. It’s just a diaper but harder to take on and off.

  6. Jaclyn

    The training pants are sewn well and seem durable. The designs are very cute which made my daughter excited to wear them. Some are much thicker than others. I ordered size Large. My daughter wears 5T and weighs 40lbs. The large fits, but I may have chosen a size larger so it would be easier for her to get on and off herself. She definitely cannot pull them up properly on her own. She had one accident while wearing them and her pants did not get too wet.

  7. Erin C

    As my almost 3yo daughter finally approached being potty trained enough to try cloth underwear, I first bought a set of little cotton panties but was thrilled to discover these. They don’t hold a full pee β€” but that wasn’t the goal β€” but are particularly great when we don’t quite hold it all in as we head to the bathroom. Get wet enough to be uncomfortable, which is the big issue with disposable pull-ups and diapers.Also very cute.

  8. Beth M.

    My 2.5 year old daughter LOVES these. The quality is average (mostly in the stitching), but the fit is as described, and she adores the prints. They were not all the ones pictures, but most were accurate. I will reitterate that these are training pants, so they don’t really contain an accident. They just delay the leak for a second or two. TMI on the way: these are my favorite pairs to clean out when she accidentally poops in her underwear, as they are extremely easy to get clean compared to traditional underwear (the terry on the inside makes for easy scrubbing/rubbing together). So, that’s an added bonus! They are puffier than underwear, of course, but we cloth diapered so don’t really notice much of a difference. I could see where some pants may struggle to get over the bum in these — if they are leggings-type.

  9. nicuRN

    Why did buying my daughters first underwear require so much trial and research!? These turned out to be some of our favorites. Even though they fit a little baggy, the elastic around the legs are thick and tight while being soft and comfortable. She would catch herself when she would start to have an accident and immediately go to the toilet. These panties adequately contained the mess. Even if she had a full on accident, if I caught it right away all of the urine would stay inside if I could carry her to the bathroom and dump them out before it really started to absorb through the fabric layers. She liked wearing them, picking out which one she was going to get to wear and quickly began to ask for them over her diaper. Overall, I was impressed with these and they were a great potty training tool! Definitely recommended.

  10. Zack

    Love that these hold most of the tee tee mess while potty training. If your child only gets a little bit in them and runs to the potty these work well. If it’s a full blown tee tee then these will leak onto the floor but will still hold some of it. For us this has worked so much better then the regular cotton panties that will soak through into a huge puddle of mess on the floor. These allow my daughter to run to the potty if she has an accident leaving me a much smaller mess to tidy up. I will be buying more of these to potty train my second daughter since we realized using pull-ups was the worst thing we could have done with our first still potty training daughter.

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